• School Enterprise
  • Training base
  • Automobile brand cooperation
School Enterprise

Filton company in its own technical understanding of the level, continuous innovation and thinking. Adhering to the new principle of cooperation between industry, university and research institute, and cooperation between industry and education, we have established close contact with Shanghai university for science and technology, tongji university and many local universities in hebei province. The two sides of the university and the enterprise are involved in both directions. They discuss the vehicle engineering and other disciplines together, complement each other's advantages, make progress together, and cultivate social talents together. At the same time, fangtong's own scientific and technological research and development level has also been effectively improved.

Training base

Since the establishment of the school-enterprise cooperation platform, more than 500 teachers and students from Shanghai university of science and technology and tongji university, etc. who have cooperated with fangtong company, have come to the training base of fangtong company for practical training and practice in various projects of vehicle maintenance. The school-enterprise cooperation platform enables students to fully combine what they learn in school with enterprise practice projects, so that the equipment and technology of schools and enterprises can complement each other's advantages and share resources, effectively improve the pertinence and effectiveness of education, and improve the quality of training skilled talents. In the future, the training base will continue to explore the complementarity between production and teaching, so as to continue to expand projects and improve the training entity.

Host Factory Cooperation

As the automotive engine filter industry benchmarking enterprise, Filton to master many of key technology in the industry, with domestic and international numerous car brands maintained a long-term strategic cooperative relations,In the development process of many new models, cooperate with the mainframe factory to develop synchronously. Optimization and improvement according to the technical requirements and boundary conditions of the brand. Provide better technology and fast service for many automobile brands.