Technological improvement: FILTON conducts IATF16949 quality system training internally
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In order to further improve the company's management's understanding of quality system standards, master the management system auditing skills, and continuously improve the company's system operation management level.2019 Nian 3 Yue 20 Ri Zhi 22,the company held a period of 3 days IATF16949 system training, Ministers and other Qiubao Lin, general manager, deputy general manager Chen Hao departments 20 more than people participated in the training.

Mr. Qiu Baolin, the general manager of the training, emphasized the importance of the IATF16949 system training for the company's development. He hoped that the students would study hard with a serious attitude, cherish opportunities, learn more, and communicate more to further improve their professional ability and working level.

During the three-day training, the lecturer interpreted the background, system scope, and standard terms of IATF16949.It focuses on process methods and applications, risk analysis and identification, relationships with other management system standards, internal audits, and management reviews. The process approach includes systematically specifying and managing processes and their interactions in accordance with the organization's quality policy and strategic direction to achieve the desired results. The process and the entire system can be managed by adopting the PDCA cycle and always risk-based thinking in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of adverse results. 

After three days of training, participants have expressed that they have a deeper understanding of the IATF16949 quality management system,five tools of the quality management system (APQP,SPC,FMEA,MSA,PPAP) and new seven principles (to customers focus,leadership role,full participation,process approach,improvement,evidence-based decision-making,relationship management) have more plus deep carved understanding.Itplays a good role in promoting the quality awareness of all employees, strengthening the service awareness, and improving customer satisfaction.

The intensive training has brought new ideas to our management, so that everyone can follow the law in the future work, and their ideas will be more broadened; I hope that my colleagues can carry out what they have learned through this training. Absorb and internal retraining,and make full use of work practices to contribute to the company's product quality and corporate management capabilities.

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