The first national standard for automotive after-sales parts was successfully released, and BOMA Fil
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29 November 2018 first national standards for automotive aftermarket parts - GB / T 36684-2018 'aftermarket auto parts market service standards' national conference was successfully held in Shanghai Exhibition Center, the standard will be 2019 Nian 4 Yue 1 Ri Official implementation. GB / T 36684-2018 'Automotive Aftermarket Parts Market Service Specification' focuses on industry pain points and user needs, and specifies the basic requirements, service information, service venues, service facilities, value-added services, service supervision and improvement requirements of the auto parts market service. . In particular, system requirements are put forward for the qualification requirements, product safety guarantees, liability systems, business behaviors, business ethics, system construction, quality of employees, and supply, distribution, use, and service of the automotive aftermarket parts market operator.

Ms. Li Tongmei, Secretary-General of the Aftermarket Parts Branch of the China Automobile Dealers Association, released the results of the group standard implementation in 2018 and reported the 2019 standard implementation plan. And issued certificates for the first batch of more than 70 companies that achieved the standard.

Since September , BOMA Filter has actively cooperated with the China Automobile Dealers Association's After-sales Parts Branch to conduct an on-site review of the value evaluation of after-sales service components for automotive aftermarket services. On September 19th , the expert review team was fair, just, open, and truth-seeking. In principle, we conducted on-site audits of the Bo Ma factory and suggestions for improvement made by the expert team. The Bo Ma factory also actively faced it, and made relevant rectification plans and implemented the rectification results within the prescribed time.

In the future, BOMA Filter will also strictly implement the T / CADA9-2017 'Brand Value Evaluation Automotive Aftermarket Parts Service' standard, with the mission of providing high-quality components for the automotive aftermarket and creating greater value for customers.

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