Dealer Service Improvement Training and Development Forum Successfully
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23 October 2018, 120 more than the national auto dealers gathered in Hebei Qinghe, to participate in organized by the Boma cleaner factory 2018 . dealer service training will enhance the operation and Development Forum. 24- Ri Shangwu 8 Dian 30 points clear at the conference open on time City hotel conference hall, Hebei party Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. chairman, Mr Boma filter brand founder, Mr. Qiu Baolin this meeting. President Qiu stated that in the future, we will vertically combine professional training institutions, software companies, and data companies to provide better service platforms for dealers; horizontally integrate other vulnerable factories to provide better solutions for dealers' product portfolios, and at the same time The guests and family members who came from afar expressed a warm welcome and sincere thanks to everyone for their strong support for Bom development.

This training session was lectured by Yu Hao, a senior trainer in the industry, and Beijing Weishipu Management Consulting Company. Also present at the meeting were Zhang Jiazheng, vice president of Shanghai Liyang Data, Ma Lin, director of worry-free marketing at Chedian, Liu Wuyue, director of software marketing department of Huihui, Chen Hongtao, executive vice president of Zhejiang Angelo Belt, and general manager of Xiamen Ousheng Horn You Hanqiao, Zhang Tairong, sales director of hemisphere spark plugs, Wu Jiang, general manager of transmission maintenance of Chuan Shikang, and Chen Hao, deputy general manager of Hebei Beitong Automotive Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The training content mainly focuses on the current status and pain points of the current maintenance companies, and in-depth discussions from several aspects such as professionalization, dataization, standardization, process, and 5S management, so that dealers can clearly see the true needs of the maintenance company, and give Corresponding solutions and methods provide better solutions for dealers' transformation into service providers.

This conference has been well received by distributors nationwide, and we hope that such training sessions will be held continuously. Of course, this is also the strategic policy of BOMA in the future, and we will certainly bring better and more professional training to our dealers in the future .

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