Glory blooms -- The first Erui Cup awards ceremony, BOMA won the title of "Top Ten Potential Brands
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2018 , JUNE 29 th, ' Egyptian-sharp Cup 2018 (first) China's auto industry wearing parts Gold Wing Award Presentation Ceremony' was held in Guangzhou Yihe International Convention Center. The event is a heavyweight in the industry and is one of the most authoritative and influential activities in China's automotive consumables industry. The awards ceremony aims to set up a stage for outstanding companies and ambitious entrepreneurs, so that companies with ingenuity and social responsibility can stand out in the industry, and help the development and take-off of enterprises.

This selection has been scored by the online, WeChat and professional jury for more than a month. It has combined the data of Internet users' voting and the professional jury's scoring to jointly award the award-winning companies. Since the launch of the event in May , nearly a thousand companies have signed up to participate. After more than a month of competition, the winners of the Erui Cup • 2018 (the first) China Automotive Wear Parts Golden Wing Award have been announced. The BOMA brand also won the title of ' Top Ten Potential Brands in the Filter Industry ' in the selection of this awards event .

As a leading brand in the industry, BOMA Filter has grown rapidly in recent years and has a place in the highly competitive filter industry market. This is inseparable from the concept of “ Better service creates a brand, integrity creates the future ” . In the future, BOMA will continue to adhere to this concept, continuously improve and improve, and make itself more influential in the industry. s brand.

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