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Things change and time flies. Twenty years of great changes, twenty years of spring to fall. This year is the 20th anniversary of the founding of FILTON company.

The river of time goes back to 1999, when China was full of joy and excitement about the coming new century. Many stories from that year began, Macao returned to the motherland, the colorful birth of Internet enterprises .For China's economy in 1999, is a full of opportunities and challenges. In the tide of times entrepreneurship, the predecessor of FILTON company, Galaxy Auto Parts factory, was also born in QingHe county, HeBei province, now China's auto parts manufacturing base.

20 years of hard work to build extraordinary

since it was founded in 1999, machine is always based on production research and development and sales auto filter products as the core, to create quality products as the goal of beginner's mind.Over the past 20 years, fine working quality, craftsmanship inheritance, Relying on the BeiJing-kowloon railway and QingYin expressway convenient traffic. After 20 years of trials and hardships, it has built itself into a leading enterprise in the domestic automobile industry.

 20 years of writing its new charming chapter

Twenty years of wind and rain, walking non-stop, each node, the time scroll is one by one records, all through, will leave footprints. Since the establishment of Galaxy Auto Parts factory in 1999, the company officially started cooperation with overseas brands in 2007, launched its own brand in 2015, and entered the domestic host market in 2018, FILTON has made remarkable achievements one after another.

 20 years of progress to build the brand

FILTON grows and learns from experience all the way.Brand highlights value. BOMA brand began to be registered in 2013 and launched into the market in 2015. In the past 20 years, the birth of its own brand is a big leap in the development history of FILTON.From the former mainly cooperative processing to the establishment of a complete independent brand, now BOMA brand has occupied a large market share in the automotive aftermarket, and is constantly expanding the market. It has become famous overseas through international exhibitions such as AAPEX and Frankfurt, making BOMA more visible in the international market.

 20 years of harvest ,witness achievements

In the past 20 years, the development of FILTON has witnessed tremendous changes, from a single product line to cover car market after the rich products, from small scale production to more than 20 countries and regions of the world's strategic cooperation, from independent brands marketed to sold at home and abroad.

 20 years of harvest, spring and autumn harves

Every upgrade is a transition, and every transition is a leap. Adhering to the reverer and persistence of technology and quality, every growth and change of FILTON are inevitable.

 20 years of the outlook and the continuation of glor 

Twenty years of hard work have yielded fruitful results.For FILTON, 20 years is not only a milestone since its departure, but also a brand new start. Looking back on the past two decades, we are proud of the achievements made by FILTON, and look forward to the future. In the face of unpredictable tomorrow, keep a clear mind, insist on doing the right thing is our Shared belief.Put the dream in the side, all the way not to forget the original heart, and then step on the journey. Push forward the days to come, foresee the brilliance of one hundred years.

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