Factory Resume operation, Filton Development of standardized epidemic prevention measures
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     The super-long version of the Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, the recent companies are also preparing to resume work, our company is no exception, but the resumption of epidemic prevention during the preparation of all the work has been done?

     Since February 10th Filton began to prepare for the epidemic prevention and control during the resumption of work related to the preparatory work. In response to the current epidemic situation, the company set up a special epidemic prevention team to carry out personnel control, environmental disinfection, epidemic publicity, material preparation and other aspects of work to ensure that all the company's epidemic prevention measures are in place.

     First of all, by the staff backflow statistics group leader Tian Ya, to resume work personnel basic information investigation, establish one person one file, to the epidemic period staff has been to Hubei, whether has contacted Hubei Wuhan personnel and nearly half a month activity track (what time? Where have you been? Who to meet? Did what? Are you going to the party? ) to conduct survey statistics.

    Since the local epidemic prevention and control work in Qinghe, our company has actively cooperated with the government and other relevant departments in various arrangements to postpone the resumption of work, epidemic prevention team members around 'people, machine, materials, law, ring' and other aspects of the production and operation of the inventory, and formulate the corresponding prevention and control strategy during the resumption of work.

     The company's specially set up protective equipment protection team for all employees to prepare a large number of protective equipment to ensure the normal work of epidemic prevention during the resumption of work. And the factory dormitory disinfection group in advance to arrange the normal factory production workshop, office, public area, doorman room for sub-regional management. Make good disinfection time, frequency, relevant responsible person in each area. and disinfect each area according to the prescribed time.

      In order to perfect the closed management system during the epidemic prevention and control period, the company carries on the regulation from the entrance control management, the incoming factory personnel management, the incoming factory vehicle management three aspects. Strictly control the entry and exit of personnel and vehicles. Temperature measuring points have been set up from the doorman's room to each inlet and outlet, and special personnel have been arranged to check the temperature of the personnel in and out of the factory twice a day and the wearing of protective articles.

     In order to ensure the health of the workers, the company has established a meal management system, which stipulates the distance of the personnel at the time of meal, one table per person, and a section of time to eat, so as to minimize the occurrence of personnel density. The relevant requirements of epidemic prevention are stipulated from the aspects of personnel inspection, environmental hygiene, food inspection, processing operation, food supply m management and so on, to ensure the health and life safety of employees.

    In order to scientific, standardized and effective response to possible outbreaks, as far as possible to achieve early prevention, early detection, early reporting, early isolation, early treatment, to ensure the health of employees. Our company not only formulates the emergency disposal plan, but also prepares the isolation room, the retention room, in order to observe the isolation in time when the employee appears the unknown reason physical condition.

     In the current situation of prevention and control of the epidemic situation, the enterprise is really not a simple matter, what we are experiencing is also a common challenge experienced by the people of the whole country, I hope that during the epidemic prevention and control period, everyone can work hard to overcome the difficulties, actively create conditions, and make sufficient preparations for the enterprise to resume work! As long as we cooperate actively and overcome the epidemic situation, we will soon be able to overcome it.

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