Filton delivers supplies to anti-pneumonia workers
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       We support countries in trouble, FILTON donated materials to fight against CORONAVIRUS.


       During this Spring Festival, a sudden outbreak of a CORONAVIRUS occurred. At the peak of the Spring Festival travel rush, the disease spread rapidly, covering 34 provinces and regions in a short period of time and spreading to other countries overseas.The disease is rampant, panic, affecting the hearts of everyone in the country.A level 1 response was initiated across the country,It is urgent for the whole people to fight against the CORONAVIRUS.


       To prevent the spread of the virus,It was the Spring Festival holiday, but all over the country, government departments at all levels came back to work from the holiday in advance, and stood ready to fight the epidemic with all the frontline medical staff.In the front line of epidemic prevention, the people's safety is always the first priority, to strengthen isolation and protection, round-the-clock search for the source of virus infection, to prevent the spread of the disease.In every crisis, it is reassuring to have these dedicated public servants and community builders at our side.


       In this severe virus epidemic, FILTON as a development mission to take on the responsibility of the enterprise.First of all, strictly implement the unified deployment of government departments to delay the start of construction, do not go out, not panic, not rumor, not party.At the same time, FILTON also sent condolence materials to the front-line personnel who deployed preventive measures day and night. Although we did not fight with the warriors on the front line, we sent warmth to pay tribute to the comrades on the front line! Thank you.

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