FILTON Factory to resume operation
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      Since the 2020 Spring Festival, due to the impact of the epidemic, many work units and enterprises have announced delays in resuming work. By the middle of this month, with the gradual decline and weakening of the epidemic trend, the Filton factory, which had been shut down for a month, began its work after February 15th under strict measures to prevent and control the epidemic. In response to the impact of the epidemic, 

     After the resumption of production in Filton factory, the production output of the factory will be adjusted accordingly according to the national logistics recovery situation, based on the factory staff mostly live in the local area, the staff return to the post rate is high, the production capacity recovery rate is relatively fast. Therefore, the problem of supply of dealers'products all over the country, except for logistics factors, will have little effect, and the new production plan will be formulated after the return of the national logistics distribution to normal. Orderly resumption of work, Filton factory has been restored to capacity .

    Since the resumption of production, Filton has actively cooperated with the prevention and control work organized by the local government. With regard to the epidemic prevention of enterprises and employees, Filton has properly stored a large number of protective equipment before resuming work to ensure that all employees can do a good job of personal protection while resuming work in an orderly manner. 

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