Fctory Effective prevention and treatment,Filton was praised by the government.
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     In recent days, enterprises have started to resume work, the current epidemic, the resumption of work will inevitably appear the situation of personnel gathering, especially the factory. Therefore, whether the enterprise can do a good job of internal epidemic prevention measures, reasonable start to avoid the occurrence of cases is a high concern of enterprises and epidemic prevention regulatory authorities. 

     Since the beginning of Filton's resumption of work on 2.15 days, Filton has resumed its work in an all-round and orderly manner. After the resumption of work, the supervision and control department of the Qinghe Development Zone also visited Fangtong's workshop to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work.Because of the sufficient preparations for the epidemic prevention before the start of work, the prevention and control measures in place, and the orderly resumption of work under the epidemic situation, Filton's work was highly affirmed and supported by the supervision department, and Fangtong's epidemic prevention and control measures were called as a model to take Fangtong's complete epidemic prevention system as an example to guide and help other enterprises to carry out various arrangements for the resumption of work. 

    Under the epidemic situation, Fang Tong, while paying close attention to the economic development, is also paying full attention to various prevention and control measures within the enterprise, actively cooperating with the various arrangements of the supervision department, and organizing the staff to fully cooperate with the resumption of work and physical examination initiated by the development zone free of charge to ensure that the return workers are in good health. Avoid hidden dangers during follow-up work. 

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