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Filton Tech focuses on design, R&D and manufacturing of filters. By continuous improvement and innovation, Filton Tech keeps provide the most satisfactory solution to customers. The best quality comes from the pursuit of high technology and meticulous production process.

Adhere to scientific and technological innovation. Adhere to intelligent manufacturing. Adhere to se


Follow technological innovation, lean manufacturing and customer-oriented global development strategy. Design, produce and sale air filter, cabin filter, oil filter and fuel filter four types of filter. All start from the customer demands, integrate R&D, manufacturing, sales and service to create a complete set of solutions. From initial design to final product, from the beginning of raw material inspection to the end of delivery, meticulous about every detail keep improving to be more competitive. 12 folding lines meet various requirements of different customers, 10 production lines of cabin filter, 6 production lines of PU air filter, 5 production lines of green air filter, 5 packing lines daily capacity over 50,000 pcs.


Filton Tech is always on the road of brand development strategy. As its own brand. BOMA has become the trusted brand of all customers in the past 20 years. With the high quality products and services. Filton Tech gained wide recognition and high satisfaction from global customers. Products are supplied in America, Britain, Japan, Russia and other countries and regions.


The President of Filton Tech, Mr. Qiu said: “With the development of science and technology, the competition is becoming more intense but it also brings us new opportunity. Based on this, we will increase investments in technology and services. Keep improving our products and services to meet various requirements of different customers. With the rapid development of Internet and now is moving into the era of 5G. The future market must be more transparency and open. Continuously provide customer with high quality product and service. Filton Tech with a more open-minded attitude. Together with customers to develop a mutual benefit relationship.”


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