Filton Tech new staff training successfully ended in August
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In order to enable new employees to integrate into the work quickly and improve work efficiency ,achieving better performance, Filton Tech conduct induction training for new employees every month.

The latest new employee training in 2020 was successfully completed on August 25. There were 14 participants in this month's training, including production line staff, warehouse managers, functional management personnel, etc. The training include product introduction, rules and regulations, company culture, safety education, quality awareness and management system standards, etc. At the same time, for each section of the training, Filton Tech set the assessment standards, for unqualified employees to participate in the next period of refresher training until they reach the assessment standards. In this way, we encourage employees to find out better themselves in our company.


Filton Tech new staff training successfully ended in August


Every new employee will get a deeper understanding about company's products, culture, system and other aspects through the training. And it also alleviates the strangeness of new employees in the new environment, enables them to correctly understand the working standards, work requirements and welfare of the enterprise, and make them smoothly enter the team via the training.


Filton Tech new staff training successfully ended in August


Employees are the cornerstone of enterprise .The future of the enterprise is closely related to the development of employees. Filton Tech always work on the people-oriented base.We deeply realizes that only by fully gather and give play to the wisdom and potential of employee, that the company can remain invincible in the market competition.

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