The Lean Manufacturing of Filton PU Air Filter Casting Assembly Line
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In order to improve production efficiency, Filton Technology arranges guidance training of lean manufacturing twice a month. Last week, Filton mainly focused on the lean manufacturing of PU air filter casting assembly line . The training was successfully completed with the cooperation of all the staff on this line.

The Lean Manufacturing of Filton PU Air Filter Casting Assembly Line

Since the second half of this year approaches, while the economy is recovering, Filton orders are also increasing and pressure of the assembly line has also followed. This time, we made many improvements from internal to external. The production line has made significant improvements in terms of increasing output, quality control and reducing scrap rate.

The internal lean

The internal lean provides guidance training to employees in terms of division of labor, sluggish product management, quality improvement, equipment maintenance and 6S management standards, etc., to improve employees' work efficiency and product quality.

1. Position management: Before starting work, employees should make preparations for their position, clear division of labor, and ensure the starting time.

2. Product management: Effectively manage the sluggish products on the site, so that everything is done on the same day.

3. Quality improvement: By analyzing the causes of defective products, carrying out classify targeted management and first-piece inspection training, improve the qualification rate of products.

4. Equipment maintenance: Record and analyze equipment failure, complete spare parts list, perform secondary equipment maintenance, in order to ensure equipment the smooth running and reduce downtime.

5. 6S management standards: According to the 6 S management standards, everyone plays a great role in the position, at the same time it enhances the sense of teamwork, so that the assembly line can have stable capacity, quality and efficiency.

The Lean Manufacturing of Filton PU Air Filter Casting Assembly Line

The external lean

The external lean controls uncontrollable factors in the production process through material supply, mold aging management, staff reserve, etc., to reduce downtime.

1. Material supply: More accurate material supply to satisfy production requirements and reduce unnecessary downtime.

2. Mold aging management: Mold aging will cause abnormal products, and dealing with the aging mold in time is necessary to avoid the production of defective products and reduce the scrap rate.

3. Staff reserve: Making a good reserve in advance for every position, in order to avoid accidental shutdown caused by short-staffed.

The effect of one-week training of lean manufacturing of casting assembly line is outstanding. The output per hour increases from 500pcs to more than 600pcs , the production efficiency was greatly improved. While ensuring capacity, each employee strictly complies with 6S of production management standards. Product quality and production environment have improved.

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