The Interview with Baolin Qiu, General Manager of Filton Tech
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Background: Under the background of slow economic development and accelerated transformation of domestic automobile market,explore the profound mystery that Baolin Qiu, chairman and general manager of Filton Tech, led the company to forge ahead and review company develop history.

Yinhe Auto Parts who was Filton Tech's predecessor was founded in 1999. At the beginning, Filton Tech faced a variety of difficulties in running business, but Qiu who dares to fight and persevere adhered to more than 20 years. Let's take a look at all the ups and downs of Filton Tech.

Q: Mr. Qiu, Today, it is a great pleasure to communicate with you face to face. what is the biggest difficulty you encounter at the beginning? And how? What is the most valuable experience for you?

A: In the early days of my business, I was vacant about how to produce a qualified filter. It had many difficulties in not only technology, equipment and capital, but also management and marketing. It is valuable even if a little experience from others. Through all available resources to look for talented person in production technology,equipment and other aspect.Gradually, Filton Tech was able to make good quality products days and months multiplying. By accident, Filton Tech was involved in exporting processing. Sincerely thank our export trade business partners. At the same time, I want to share an experience :' Where there's a will, there's a way. We have to put our heart into it.' Make the future with 'core'.

Q: As the leader of the company, how do you define the secret of company success ?

A:In fact, I don't think that Filton Tech has been successful. Filton Tech has been committed to realizing material and spiritual happiness of employees and contributing to the development of human society. Although Filton Tech is still far from the goal, but we have been in the process of continuous improvement and continuous improvement. By means of the improvement of product quality, model improvement and optimization of after-sales service, more and more car owners enjoy high quality products and services at a lower cost. Filton Tech improves satisfaction of customers and suppliers, making employees work and live happily.

Q: What do you think of the current situation this year in the face of the outbreak of COVID-19and the uncertainty of economic situation at home and abroad? Is it a new opportunity or a new challenge for Filton Tech?

The Interview with Baolin Qiu, General Manager of Filton Tech

A: The economy was shocked by COVID-19. So far, the epidemic has not been effectively controlled. At the same time, trade friction between China and the United States has made the global economy worse, which has brought great pressure to Chinese enterprises. But behind treacherous economy, Filton Tech also found new opportunities —— In a depressed market environment, the global automotive aftermarket is still growing, especially the number of passenger cars has reached 250 million. Therefore, the epidemic has little influence on filters whose main characteristics are rigid demand and high replacement frequency. Filton Tech is engaged in filter manufacturing for more than 20 years and covers more than 95% of the models. At the same time, factory which is located in automotive parts industry base has advantages in natural geographical location and cost. But Filton Tech also encountered bottleneck of development, for example, immature technology and management. Then, Filton Tech will pay more attention on technology and information construction to speed up the improvement of the modern management system. I'm confident on Filton Tech's future.

Q: Filton Tech is divided into domestic and foreign business. What do you think of the current situation and future development of automobile aftermarket? What strategic deployment does Fang Tong take? What is the core competitiveness of Filton Tech at present?

A: The original business was Original Entrusted Manufacture (OEM). While continuously improving efficiency and quality in OEM fields, we also grasped opportunity of domestic automobile aftermarket. The domestic automobile aftermarket has entered the time of trillion market. In recent years,the development of Internet and capital prompted manufacturers and merchants to optimize themselves continuously. Filton Tech grasped good opportunity and conformed to the trend. In 2015, Filton Tech created a new filter brand 'Boma'. We focused on quality products, because quality is the core of brand development.

At the same time, Boma can provide data retrieval, complete models, and perfect services. For example, Filton provide dealer brochures, shelves, test equipment, tooling, tools and so on, sharing experience with dealers in management, IT, training and so on. The goal is to serve repair depots well together with our partner distributors, so that more car owners choose Boma.

For large channels client, Filton Tech also can provide OEM. At the same time, dealing with domestic market demand, Filton Tech established a front warehouse with 500,000 neutral filters which includes 1500 species. From package design to national distribution system,Filton Tech is able to solve the various small batches needs of customers.

Q: Mr.Qiu, Filton Tech founded its own brand Boma filter in 2015. Who are competitors? Compared to them,what are the advantages and disadvantages of Boma ?

A: With the increase of domestic car ownership and demand in the post-market, Filton Tech founded its own brand Boma filter in 2015 and remarkable results have been achieved over the years. The prerequisite is the product model is full. Even the old model, Boma will ensure a certain amount of inventory to meet the needs of customers; secondly, logistics timeliness, data quick query, quality verification methods, supporting tools and equipment, brand publicity and landing are advantages, brand vigorous development is motive power to promote team.

The Interview with Baolin Qiu, General Manager of Filton Tech

At present, domestic well-known filter brands are countless, such as international brands MANN, MAHLE, HENGST and SOFIMA and so on, and domestic brands TORA, Haiye, PHOENIX, Yipenma and so on.There's no real competitor to Boma. Each brand has its advantages, and they are catalyst to promote Boma to learn.

The characteristic of filter is rigid demand, high frequency and a wide range used of products and filter has a broad market. All flowers bloom together, and customers have more choice to meet diverse needs of car owners. Love of the industry, persistence of product quality and awe of the aftermarket made Boma achieve success. Mr.Qiu pointed out that more successful the brand develops, more car owners use our products. And it will benefit maintenance service providers and accessories channels. It is concept and the initial heart of persevering, constantly exploring.

Q: What's the most successful matter in running company? What is the pity? What is the motivation for persistence?

A: There are a thousand success in a thousand people's eyes, even if the same person has different understanding in success at different times. But I think that if we want to success, at first be a man and be successful. It summed up that good faith is key, and it is my principle. At the same time, but it is the fundamental point which enterprises relay on. Promise must be fulfilled. It is responsible for their own personality, staff and customers. Trust is an intangible property whose value can not be measured by money or benefits. Employees and customers trust and choose Filton Tech to cooperate is my success.

At the beginning,limited by economic conditions and social cognition, the goal is to solve personal needs or seek short-term development. Do your best, try constantly, think over and over again and introspect in time.But when we achieved the goal,we felt blank. At the same time, in the continuous study and exploration, I found that both the individual and the business need to benefit mission and belief. Only in this way can we make unremitting efforts.

Mission is the power to persist, Filton Tech's purpose is to meet the material and spiritual happiness of all staff while contributing to social development and human development. At present, Filton Tech has nearly 400 employees and Filton Tech not only meets the needs of employees in material wealth, but also pay attention to the spiritual and cultural needs of employees. So that employees can devote themselves to work with full spirit and positive attitude, and strive for their own happy life. Filton Tech benefits many people in product research and development, production and sales, enterprise management and many other aspects, while contributes to social development.

Q: As I know, you often read books. What type of books do you like? What is the impact on your personal values and management company?

A: I prefer to read some books relevant to history, culture and  philosophy. Books are bridge of spiritual communication. Although I do not do further study, but books have deep influence on both me and management of company. The development of things is objective and traceable, for example, who am I ? Where am I from? Where to? What is space? What is time? What is the relationship between yes or no? With these questions, while I keep looking for answers, my worldview, values and outlook on life changed a lot in the process of learning. I come from countryside and experienced reform and opening-up. That time is the best time to sell products to all over the world. At the beginning, hard work is to meet own material wealth needs, and the relationship with employees is a simple employment and employment relationship. As company grow up, I am no longer just an individual, and the relationship with employees has changed from employment to partnership. The essence is that individual and enterprise are products of social development. Reform and opening up has made a generation, as one of them I am to eager to give back to society and do contribution. At first, products were mainly sold in China, and now all over the world. The continuous integration of world resources promotes the further deepening of economic globalization. What we have to do is to integrate into the development trend of economic globalization. Hebei factory has vast land resources, perfect industrial chain and industrious and intelligent staff. While company located in Shanghai constantly integrates market information, sales services and technical exchanges and other resources, it believes that Filton Tech will be able to become an advanced enterprise through the unremitting efforts of all staff.

Q: Could you make an evaluation of the company's corporate culture? What goal has Filton Tech been developing towards?

The Interview with Baolin Qiu, General Manager of Filton Tech

A: The corporate culture of an enterprise is the extension of the founder's values and ideas and the core driving force to guide the development of the company. Creating products and cultivating talented person fulled in social values is the cornerstone of corporate culture. The aim of Filton Tech is to satisfy the material and spiritual happiness of all employees while contributing to social development and human progress.

After the target is determined, Filton Tech leads all staff to learn Mr. Inamori's 'six improvements '. I believe that through learning, everyone can be guided in thought, and then implement the action, strive to do what should be done, from negatively to naturally. At the same time, we can overcome all difficulties in the development of the company, and dig out the potential energy of the individual. And staff of Filton Tech on this sunny and healthy road can gain joy and happiness, and firmly believe that the future will be better.

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