Outstanding Achievement of Inventory Consolidation
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For production enterprises, excess inventory means unnecessary waste of resources and its incidental ineffective investment, such as the need for more warehouse space, transportation equipment, warehouse management personnel, and quality personnel required for regular inspections.  

At the same time, in the course of business operation, excess inventory will cause various contradictions and problems, such as idle resources, loss of products and raw materials, and occupation of a large amount of working capital, which are also the key reasons to affect the cost of products.

In order to cope with the adverse effects of excessive inventory, Filton Tech set up 'external box collection transportation improvement project ' in August to solve the problem of external box inventory redundancy, aimed at reducing unnecessary external box inventory and costs. When implements the project, Filton Tech forms on-demand supply in purchasing, logistics, warehousing and other links, avoiding the backlog of warehouse inventory, reducing the supply cost of enterprises.

Outstanding Achievement of Inventory Consolidation

Outstanding Achievement of Inventory Consolidation

By early training, all employees involved in the project are aware of the importance of reducing costs and turnover periods. During the trial operation for a period of one and a half months, Filton Tech reduced the inventory of the outer box about 160,000 , optimized about 96 warehouse locations by adjusting the MC vehicle collection, saving tens of thousands directly.

At present, the project has entered the second stage, and basically realized zero inventory mode based on the daily planned collection. The zero inventory model of the carton greatly reducesgreatly reduces the factory's warehouse space occupation, occupation of working capital, stocking and tallying time, etc., and greatly reduces the operating cost of the enterprise.

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