Filton Risk Prevention and Compliance Training
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In order to enhance awareness of compliance management and risk prevention , Filton Tech recently invited lawyer Zhang Jie from Zhenhuan Law firm to provide  a wonderful and practical legal knowledge training to many departments, such as sales, procurement, personnel and logistics.

Filton Risk Prevention and Compliance Training

The aim of training is to disseminate the importance of legal knowledge, mainly involved sales, procurement, leasing and other contracts when salesmen sign contracts and avoid risk. In the future, employees will be able to use the legal knowledge they have mastered, and avoid risks caused by non-standard operation, and safeguard the rights and interests of enterprises as well as customers.

At the scene, lawyer Jie Zhang vividly analyzed problems in contracts from the main body of the contract, credit situation, offer, performance ability, terms, legality, termination risk and other aspects . At the same time, she put forward some methods to reduce the risk.

Filton Risk Prevention and Compliance Training

Combined with problems encountered in the daily work, staff and Mrs.Zhang conducted warm interaction. Mrs.Zhang also offered some advises in company chop management and contract management. At the same time, Mrs.Zhang guided staff when they questioned how to deal with the problems flexibly, and also guided us how to improve success rate of contract signing.

Staff benefited a lot in legal knowledge training, at the same time,we more deeply understood the importance and necessity of maintaining harmonious customer relationship.

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