Site Management Improvement of Origami Department
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The correct site management and thoroughgoing 6S management are two main bases of good manufacturing operation. 6S management improvement is endless, and small improvement can eventually create great benefits. The site is the 'facade' of manufacturing enterprises, also a centralized performance of management level. Effective 6S management can greatly improve site management level of factory, improving efficiency, ensuring product quality, and then enhance  enterprise image, and Promote the healthy development of enterprises.

Recently, Ya Tian, production Minister of Filton Tech, organized 6S special activities, mainly aimed at improving site management of Boma filter origami class, as follows:

Firstly, all origami staff and site administrators are convened to train 6S principles and methods, and convey importance of 6S site management again.

Site Management Improvement of Origami Department

Training site

Secondly, staff were divided into groups, and cleaned up all materials or articles within the area of work. Administrators interpreted that how to distinguish common goods, unusual goods, less supplies, useless goods.

Site Management Improvement of Origami Department

Site Explanation

Thirdly, clean up equipment, including invisible dead corners.

Site Management Improvement of Origami Department

Equipment Cleaning

Fourthly, each group was appraised through comparison before and after improvement, and the championship team was finally selected for encouragement.

Site Management Improvement of Origami Department

Site Management Improvement of Origami Department

Site Conditions after Improvement

In the process of improvement, staff put forward suggestions for improvement according to the daily production status about water tank structure, rubber box broken glue, cooling fan, mold placement container and placement position. Production managers will adopt good suggestions according to production status, follow up improvement to achieve more perfection.

6S site management is the basic management activity closely related to quality, cost and delivery time. Filton Tech reduced unnecessary waste by sorting, rectifying, cleaning and cleaning, so that employees will develop good working habits and establish the sense of continuous improvement and persevering. So good working atmosphere will be developed, and cohesion of department will be improved. Finally, add value to Filton Tech.

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