Gender: Unlimited

Age: after 85

Education: College or above, good English

Job Requirements:

1.International trade, business English or related major

2. New graduates are welcome to apply, and those with experience are preferred

3. Have good interpersonal relationships, strong sense of innovation and pioneering spirit;

4. Careful, serious and responsible, with good communication skills and teamwork spirit;

Job Responsibilities:

1. Familiar with the business processes of products and companies.

2. Responsible for arranging sales orders to confirm good orders, and to track and coordinate customer orders.

3. Able to independently produce a complete set of documents and related inspection certificates, etc., and independently contact the freight forwarder to complete the delivery.

4. Responsible for tracking and inquiring the goods that have been sent to ensure that the goods reach the customer safely.

5. Responsible for timely communication with the salesman for abnormal situations such as delayed delivery of orders.

6. For export declarations, assistance to the financial department to complete the declaration of tax refunds and exemptions.

7. Responsible for classifying and keeping business documents.

8. Responsible for statistics of various sales data tables, including sales reports (including daily reports, monthly reports, annual reports), etc.

9. Do a good job of customer information collection and feedback, and monitor customer satisfaction.

10. Responsible for the storage and distribution of company publicity materials.

11. Responsible for the daily management of the company showroom, mainly the management of samples.

12. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Sales Manager

1. Gender: Unlimited male / female

2. Education: College degree or above.

3. Experience: Marketing experience in the same industry for more than two years is preferred.

4. Skills: Have good coordination and communication skills, computer operation ability, organization ability.

Training: Familiar with ISO / TS16949 system standards and participate in marketing and service training.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Complete the sales task of the team and do the daily management of the team.

2. Responsible for the specific implementation of sales targets, system implementation, negotiation of important customers, customer resource management and maintenance, etc.

3. Assist the sales minister to formulate sales tasks, and be responsible for the organization and implementation of the sales target tasks of the team.

4. Record the order data and delivery date.

5. According to the order delivery and shipping schedule, make a reasonable delivery plan to master the delivery rhythm.

6. Analyze customer order model and communicate with salesman in time.

7. According to the 'Customer Satisfaction Survey Operation Guide Book', organize a customer satisfaction survey every six months, and regularly recycle and save.

8. According to customer satisfaction analysis, statistical satisfaction and satisfaction rate, formulate corresponding measures for existing problems and monitor their implementation.

9. According to the PPM value stipulated by the customer or the company, timely monitor and propose corresponding rectification measures.

10. Receive and process the manufacturer's e-mail feedback information, collect information on customer product quality feedback in a timely manner, and provide information for improving product quality and improving management.

11.Complete other tasks assigned by relevant leaders

Echnical data personnel

1. Gender: Male / Female

2. Education: High school education or above.

3. Experience: engaged in such work for more than one year.

4. Skills: Communication skills and computer operation skills.

Training: Participate in company basic training and be familiar with relevant regulations of company management system documents. IATF16949 standard training.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Receiving orders from sales department and domestic market.

2. Communicate with the sales department to complete the complete packing list.

3. Responsible for reviewing and updating the validity of technical materials to ensure the validity of technical standards.

4. Registration, archiving and storage of prototypes.

5, complete the tasks assigned by the leadership