Five improvement tools for quality management
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Recently, BOMA has held a number of training activities to arm the mind with new ideas and strengthen the working ability of employees.

Five quality management tools, also known as the five quality control tool, including: 1. The statistical process control ( the SPC , Statistical Process Control ); 2. Measurement system analysis ( the MSA , the Measurement Analyze the System ); 3. Failure Modes and Effects Analysis ( the FMEA , Failure Mode Effect & Analyze ); 4. Advanced product quality planning ( APQP , Advanced product at quality planning ); 5. production part approval Process ( PPAP , production's part approval Process )

In view of this, Boma cleaner invited SGS School of management, two Professional teachers visit Bombay for training:

26-27 day FEMA , SPC tools Ma Zhixin teacher training


Wu Jianhua, MSA Tool Training on August 19


Teacher Ma's course lasted for two days, and every Boma employee was able to sign in on time, reflecting the excellent team execution and discipline of Boma people . Employees listened carefully and recording, when a break, there do not understand, staff workers are also actively and positively teacher for advice. Mr. Wu's course is divided into the basic concepts and related terms of the measurement system, the acceptance criteria for the deterioration of the measurement system, the linear evaluation, the repeatability and reproducibility evaluation, and the employees have said that they have benefited a lot and gained a lot.

In addition, BoMa also invited Shanghai Zhenglan Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Teacher Liu Jinwei on August 9 to provide training and explanations for the company's middle-level cadres on the management and management of filter companies  . Facing the increasingly fiercely competitive automotive aftermarket, what is the path to take? How does the road go? As a well-known management expert in the industry, Ms. Liu imparts experience and advice to Bo Ma people in a simple way.

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