• Proprietary technology
  • Patented product
  • Air conditioning filter technology
Proprietary technology

Filton company in the process of research and development products have their own technology and innovation product patent, patent technology aims to provide more efficient filter, this kind of high efficient filter to solve the existing technology of dry type paper filter filter paper easy be affected with damp be affected with damp in wet regions and season which resulted in increased filtration resistance and other technical problems. At the same time of production and research, fangtong makes synchronous innovation. In the future, we will devote ourselves to optimizing and improving more products and technologies, so as to continuously bring better products to the automotive aftermarket.

Patented product

By constantly contact emerging model and the analysis of its material, Filton company on the basis of the technology import, constantly digestion and absorption, broaden the train of thought, research and development of new production equipment, as well as filter material in the use of continuous enhancements, optimize the product structure, the final product brings out the most efficient filtering effect. At present the company team to build more than three thousand product models.

Air conditioning filter technology

Vehicle inhaled a lot of air in the operation process, Filton company in optimization to improve the air conditioning filter products at the same time continuously strengthen cooperation with related technical team engaged in air nursing, the latest research and development of air conditioning products in isolated from solid particles in the air and gas particles and eliminate peculiar smell of air at the same time, can effective sterilization surface-to-air gas, in improving the quality of interior air at the same time also ensure the respiratory health of the occupants. Thus bringing an unprecedented fresh experience to all passengers.